Faux Marquetry Stairs

Faux painting is a wonderful and cost effective way to solve many design challenges. This client had just built their home with the help of Neda Couzins, an incredibly talented interior designer. Seeking some old world character infused into their newly built structure, the Bryn Mawr-based interior designer sought out our services to work our magic on the walls of the foyer and a nearby hallway leading to the home office.

To do this, the fresh drywall walls in the vestibule, stairway, and hall were painted to look like panels of French marquetry, and given a soft satin glaze to have a subtle gleam in contrast to the matt plaster like paint above the molding. Each panel design was adjusted to pleasingly fit the space, and given a coat of varnish for a convincing sheen.

Visitors can’t believe that it’s not real inlaid wood, they have to touch it to believe it.
– Words by Neda Couzins, Interior Designer