Kitchen Wall Mural

Paint is the most versatile tool in a designers arsenal. This kitchen posed several interesting challenges. It was installed in a spec house built with a spectacular view of the Atlantic. The kitchen footprint and cabinet placement were perfect. Unfortunately, those cabinets were bright yellow, and the backsplash was a jarring motley assortment of tumbled marbles that the client described as looking like a harlequin exploded all over the wall. She wasn’t off the mark. It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t insurmountable!

To solve this visual assault, the marbles were heavily primed, given a pearl silver finish, and decorated with an undersea scene more appropriate to the beach setting, then given several clear coats for durability. The cabinetry was also repainted and given a sea glass colored strie finish. This is the power of paint. Careful application with a brush can transform the beastly into the beautiful.